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Strength and Conditioning:

Safe Train™ is for everyone who has trained at a gym or sporting field and sustained an injury due to the intensity or frequency of the exercise. If you are looking to progress your training or regain peak performance under the supervision of a qualified Physiotherapist then Safe Train™ is for you.

Weight Loss:

Safe Train™ is a full body workout that helps you lose weight, whilst strengthening and conditioning your body safely. If you are looking to lose weight, trying to prevent knee or back surgery or just looking to drop a few kilograms before the summer starts Safe Train™ can help.

We utilise Strength and conditioning principles that help load your tendons to make them safe. Then we load your entire muscular system to help you lose weight.

The Science:

We use many modalities including Weights, Pilates, functional patterning and neural mobilisations. This comprehensive system makes sure all the correct tendons are strong and that the muscles are firing at the right time. Safe Train™ involves nutritional guidance to help reduce inflammation and speed your weight loss. It's effective and scientific at the same time and we get results. ​​​

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