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"I'm helping people lead healthier and happier lives."

People often ask me why or how did I become a Physio?

Well, while living and working as a white water rafting guide in Hokkaido, Japan back in 2001 I was flatting with two cool cats called Tony and Rod. They were lads from from the Tully, an area north of Cairns, known for its rafting. Being the Aussies of the team we instantly bonded and started sharing the rafting life . At night, the boss would put on fantastic bbqs where we would cook deer and share stories about the days rafting trips, various past life experiences and on occasions discuss future aspirations.

All of us had studied at Uni but none were interested in pursuing their chosen field of study. Now as it turned out Tony had studied an Exercise Sports Science degree as his undergrad and he was thinking of returning to Queensland after his little break in Japan to embark on a second degree, this time in Physiotherapy. I expressed that I had always been interested in Physio but that life had led me to study Architecture at UNSW. Tony informed me that I could study Physio as a mature age student if I had already completed an undergraduate degree. You're probably thinking they are vastly different fields. But they are in fact closely related. Architecture and Physiotherapy are both centred around working out where loads and stresses go, so I was able to evolve my architecture knowledge and apply it to the human body.

Thus in the early summer of 2001 I left Japan and returned to Sydney. I had fire in my belly and found myself a job as a barista the day after I arrived off the plane and in my spare time collected some work experience in several private Physiotherapy practices and hospitals including the RNSH and the Cerebral Palsy Centre at Allambie and the Stroke Unit at Ryde Rehab Centre. This experience gave me enough of a understanding of what Physio was about and I was hooked.

I submitted my application to a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy at Sydney University, I was successful. In 2002, I began studying and for the next four years focussed my attention on my studies, they were good times .

One of the great things about the human body is that our knowledge is forever improving and so now, 10 years down the track, I continue my learnings and attend continuing education and professional development to satisfy my hunger for learning. This a key reason why I am drawn to be a Physio and it helps me provide the best available treaetments to my clients.

My practice as a physiotherapist nourishes me on many levels, it is a occupation that enables me to help people lead healthier and happier lives. For this I am truly grateful to my patients and colleagues that continue to support my practice . Maybe one day I will help you.

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