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Long lasting Migraine relief through Physiotherapy

At CIrcular Quay Physio & Pilates we employ The Watson approach to asses and relieve migraines. The Watson Approach is a proven assessment and treatment of headaches & migraines.

The Watson approach takes a thorough history and detailed assessment of the pathology of the pain. It specifically targets structures in the neck to treat and correct mal alignment. This provides relief and removal of pain, ache , dizziness , nausea, light sensitivity.

Whether it be a dull ache over the back of the skull radiating up and over to piercing pain in the temples, or an acute flare up of a chronic shoulder pain leading to a dull ache in the back of the head or perhaps even nausea and dizziness triggered by bright lights the Watson approach will systematically determine which structures are involved and treat them accordingly.

The initial assessment indicates which structures are creating the headache / migraine, we use gentle pressure applied to these pathology specific joints of the upper neck . In the example of the pain radiating from the base of the skull we would then apply specific pressure on the upper three levels of the neck known as the C1- 3 vertebrae. These gentle pressures ascertain which joint is creating the pain and the pressure applied will loosen those structures under the guidance of the patients tolerances. This loosening process helps to desensitise the structures within the vertebrae and nervous system, in turn the pain in the base of the skull radiating to the temples is reduced and or removed.

This approach gives long lasting effects and is life changing for the patient and their family .

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