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Case Study: Lower Back Pain & Sciatica

If you find yourself with ongoing pain for longer than three months and have trialed different medical solutions including a physio prescribed exercise program then you may fall into the diagnosis of chronic pain.

Chronic pain can start after a sport, work or daily life injury, it heals locally but the pain last for longer than 3 months. As the pain lingers the nervous system becomes confused locally at the site of the injury and begins to send information from your body to your brain in a confused manner. The chronic pain can often be triggered by life stresses and responsibilities, these influences affect the way the pain is felt . The different stresses including pressures of work both physically and mentally , family commitments, diet , exercise levels whether too much or not enough and sleep patterns inter weave themselves into the way your body feels the pain . These stresses can act as triggers or solutions to your pain.

The P&P method can help reduce your pain. The P & P method looks at all these different components of the biopsychosocial model and guides you through a step by step education process of your injury. It helps you to identify and understand the triggers of your pain and finally relieves you of your chronic pain using a specific management program.

Case Study:

  • A client whom has been battling lower back pain and sciatica for the last 18 months is making real healing progress and is now regaining a pain free existence

  • This case study outlines a 35 year old male who is making real healing progress and is now regaining a pain free existence .

  • We have employed the P&P method to his lower back pain. A four stage process of healing (Diagnose, Relieve Pain, Restore, Transform).

  • It has been a long arduous road of ups and downs for this dance instructor who has had to make real life changes around his work life balance.

35 Year Old Male:

As a 35 year old man he has applied great dedication to his rehab and now it is paying off. He has had significant medical interventions including a series of cortisone injections over several levels of his spine. He has gained weight from the medication and has had to make drastic changes to his work and family life.

He is now in the 3rd phase of the P&P method and he is reaping the rewards of increased mobility and strength, reduced pain & weight loss.

Weight Loss:

This weight loss and reduction in pain has given him the freedom to spend quality time with his family and most of all gain control of his destiny and future .

The P&P Method was employed (Diagnose, Relieve Pain, Restore, Transform) through several key strategies including:

  • Diagnosis

  • Pain relief

  • Neural Restoration

We are currently moving him through the Neural Restoration phase and we are employing a great exercise for his lower back & glute pain. At Circular Quay Physiotherapy, we are here to help you, please do give us a call to see where you fit in the P&P method.

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