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Private Pilates, One on One Pilates and Small Group Pilates

Private Pilates Sessions Maybe it’s time to receive personalised care and instruction from our professional and friendly Pilates instructors. These 1:1 Sessions are perfect for patients that are suffering from an ongoing physical condition that requires more attention and/or are more comfortable exercising in a private, closely supervised environment. Training can be tailored to your needs as we work towards your fitness goals.

Pilates is an integrated approach to exercise that encourages correct body posture, mobility, strength and movement patterns.

At Circular Quay Physio & Pilates we use Pilates as a form of rehabilitation, improving incorrect movement patterns and muscle recruitment, which can be a common cause of pain. Pilates is also useful for technique modification and sports conditioning.

Key Features of One on One Circular Quay Pilates

Individual programs and instruction to ensure safety and quality of movement. 1 hour session with close supervision and a maximum of 2 clients per physiotherapist.

Whole body conditioning whilst accommodating and rehabilitating injuries

Improved body awareness, posture and movement patterns

Lowered stress levels, boosted immune system and mood

Overall improved muscle tone, including abdomen, buttocks, arms and thighs

Improved performance and technique in sporting and recreational pursuits, as well as injury prevention

Improved functional strength and flexibility to help with daily activities Circular Quay Physiotherapy and Pilates

All Pilates sessions are run by an experienced physiotherapist who has completed specific clinical Pilates training. Circular Quay Physiotherapy and Pilates has access to real time ultrasound imaging which means that you can see immediately if the correct postural muscles are working if required.

Assessment times are available 7am-7pm Monday to Friday. Pilates classes and Physiotherapy clinic is located in the Sydney CBD.

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