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Which Pilates class is for me ?


Beginner classes are for people who have not had any experience with Pilates and possibly have a injury, ache or pain. They may be weak in a certain area of their body such as their back which is giving them pain and discomfort. Often the powerful exercises that we prescribe are enough to strengthen the back of the client and reduce their pain. In a very short time these people are able to reduce their pain.


The Intermediate classes are for people who have 1 years or more experience of Pilates and have a specific understanding of their injury, aches and pains. They may well be practicing twice a week and completing their own practice at home. These people are those looking to improve their situation and are committing to their health at the next level. They are moving on from pain and ensuring they have a insurance against any further injury.


The Advanced classes are for people with experience beyond 2 years. They have been practicing Pilates regularly on a weekly basis and have a goal in mind. They are looking to bullet proof themselves against injury and to progress their fitness.

Which one are you? Enquire today and sign up to start your journey towards strength and a pain free life.

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